From design to sales in a 3D environ­ment

Fashion Team LT’s 3D service package helps you to design, market and sell clothes efficiently and in a modern way. The service can be bought from us directly or we can train you in how to transfer your business into a 3D environment.

Fashion Team LT’s 3D services are based on a full utilization of the Grafis CAD and Browzwear 3D VStitcher software. Our partner, Sizey Oy, is developing a virtual fitting platform for webstores. This platform functions seamlessly with the VStitcher software. 

A 3D environment makes operations more efficient

Fashion Team LT’s 3D service package brings together the designer, pattern maker, production and marketing. The entire process of clothes production becomes effective and the communication between workers becomes reliable. Furthermore, in the future it will be possible to expand the webstore operations into a new, virtual environment.

“Our 3D services facilitate the transfer of ideas and information from one person to another for the entire duration of the process. Collaboration between design, production, marketing and sales can be time-consuming. Utilizing a 3D environment makes it possible to forward all the necessary information to the right people and communication between people responsible for different areas will become easier. The nodes of the process can be recognized more easily and therefore it will be easier to pay attention to what is essential”, tells Liisa Turtiainen from Fashion Team LT.

Grafis CAD and Browzwear 3D VStitcher are tools used by the garment industry professionals. They significantly facilitate and quicken the production cycle, all the way from design to production. Fashion Team LT uses them to provide the customers a tailor-made package that can include various services, such as 

  • trying on the patterns virtually 
  • producing 3D images for various purposes such as marketing, product presentations, and webstores 
  • producing 3D models for virtual fashion shows, trying on clothes virtually in the webstore or for other purposes 
  • creation of material cards for production based directly on 3D models. 

3D clothes can also be utilized in social media, animations, games, virtual reality and for other purposes. The produced 3D materials can be easily exported to the webstore’s virtual fitting platform later. The platform and the service are being developed by Sizey Oy in order to automate this integration. 

The virtual fitting service reduces material consumption and product returns 

The virtual 3D fitting service that can be coupled with Sizey’s extant, web-based digital body measurement and size recommendation service will enable a completely new way to market and sell clothes on the internet, as the customer will be able to try on the clothes on an avatar whose size corresponds to their own measurements. The webstore and the pre-marketing can be implemented without the product having to be produced in every colour and pattern. Even the photoshoots can be replaced with 3D materials. 

The clothes can be designed using a 3D software and the patterns can be fitted on an avatar using the correct body dimensions. The materials are edited during the fitting to correspond with actual materials, which results in a lifelike end result. Testing the products becomes easier when the suitability of the fit can be checked by fitting the clothes on an avatar. When this is done, the clothes will usually have to be fitted only once, even when it comes to tailor-made clothes.  

“Things can be done a lot earlier in comparison with the traditional methods, or even at the same time. Marketing can be initiated as soon as the design process has been completed. The possibilities are almost limitless. The quality of the advertising images created on the basis of 3D models correspond with genuine ones and even now it’s already possible to create virtual fitting services and fashion shows”, Turtiainen describes.

The many ways to benefit from the possibilities of 3D 

Fashion Team LT offers services implemented with 3D software either as service packages or as individual services. Software retail and training are also available. 

“We can help you make your webstore more diverse by implementing features that improve the customer’s shopping experience. You can also procure your software from us and we will teach you how to use them. Our product support and training are available to all customers. We are a partner with whom processes can be digitalized with the help of the collaboration between Sizey and the software we have at our disposal”, Turtiainen promises.

Sizeys virtual body measurement and size recommendation service and the virtual fitting service currently in development help those responsible for webstores present the products in a more personalized way in their own webstores. When the customer can freely view how well the clothes would fit on them, what the cut would look like and how the fabric would drape, it will be easy for the customer to choose the correct size and the design of their liking.

“The software we use are so comprehensive and versatile that they are capable of enhancing the operations of businesses of every size, they also scale for a range of different needs. That is why this service can be customized on the basis of the customer’s needs, regardless of the scale. If you would like to fit the patterns virtually and implement the 3D images, you can buy the software alone. Based on the customer’s wishes and needs, we’ll train them in their use”, tells Turtiainen. 

Clothes are increasingly being sold online 

When the initial production steps for clothing are exported into a 3D environment, they become faster, more efficient, cheaper and more environmentally friendly. Technology makes the work precise and high in quality. The number of materials can be predicted and optimized more accurately.

“The end users of the clothes will also benefit from 3D. There is no need to inspect measurement tables or to guess the differences between the different measurements. When the webstore has a virtual fitting platform available, it will be easier for the customer to choose the right size and their favourite design from among the products on offer. There will be fewer product returns and savings will be generated in delivery fees. The consequences will encompass the entire production chain”, Liisa Turtiainen says.

Clothes are increasingly being sold online and this trend keeps accelerating. In order to serve the growing customer base in an individualised way and as effectively as possible, webstores are being increasingly developed in the garment industry. 

“The industry is rapidly becoming digital. The software used by us are reliable because they have already been at the forefront of progress for many years. They have been developed specifically in terms of the industry’s demands and needs. They have facilitated our work as industry experts. We wish to use our experience and expertise in order to make our customer’s daily lives easier”, Liisa Turtiainen promises. 

Contact the Fashion Team LT team and tell us about your wishes and needs. They will tell you about the options available and they will provide you with a clear recommendation concerning the solutions best suited for you.


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