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Fashion Team LT has served both Finland’s largest publishing houses and a number of entrepreneurs who work on clothing design and patterning. Fashion Team LT provides pattern making, pattern grading, digitalization and lay plans of clothes and clothing lines, as well as pattern sheets in accordance with the customer’s needs and wishes.

Pattern making

With the help of Fashion Team LT’s experts clothing designers and garment industry entrepreneurs can move their ideas rapidly into production in a digitally compatible format. The patterns that have been designed based on the model can be implemented using the company’s own measurements, standard measurements and, if required, personal measurements. Digital patterns can be saved in different file formats, or they can be printed on paper.

Pattern grading and digitalization

Fashion Team LT can also provide help in the digitalization of patterns. Digitalization can be done either for a standard size or the patterns can be digitalized in multiple sizes as a pattern grading map. Pattern digitalization facilitates the manufacturing process and generates savings in both time and money, as the patterns can be sent electronically from one place to another.

Paper or cardboard pattern are photographed, and the images are edited with PFP software (ProfileFitPattern, AddOn for Grafis software) to remove any lens distortion and to set the correct aspect ratio. After this the digitalized pattern can be graded to the sizes needed using GRAFIS CAD software.

Pattern sheets

Fashion Team LT implements pattern sheets from scratch or based on the customer’s materials. The patterns can be published as part of various printed products or on the internet. The size of the pattern sheet can be defined according to the intended use. For example, the pattern sheets can be laid out into a format printable on A4 sheets. All the necessary text and notches are added at the same time.

Technical images and product images

Fashion Team LT creates technical images and product images utilizing 3D modeling of garments, in accordance with the customer’s needs. With the help of 3D modeling, it is possible to save grayscale images that are equivalent with flats, and also render realistic product images. If necessary, the images will be edited so that they are ready for print or for publication on the internet. 


We plan a service package for you according to your pattern making and grading needs.

Patterns and pattern sheets
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