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GRAFIS CAD is a versatile pattern making software designed for the needs of garment industry businesses and pattern makers. It is used to design and implement the patterns in a digital format. Grafis improves and quickens production, and it facilitates the work of the subcontractors. Nowadays the patterns can be imported directly from the Grafis software and into the 3D environment of the Browzwear 3D VStitcher software using an AddOn, Grafis Plugin.

Grafis is used by professionals who work on patterning clothes and grading their patterns or who work on other tasks related to clothing patterns. They consist of head cutters, designers, tailors, costumers and pattern makers. Grafis is utilized in various schools specifically for the purposes of digital clothing design and pattern making.

Grafis is suitable for all businesses regardless of their size or the nature of the business. It can be used for pattern making in industrial mass production as well as for tailor-made orders.

Grafis brings pattern making to the modern age

Grafis is a software that facilitates and quickens the steps in patterning and grading. Grafis contains the market’s widest range of interactive patterns and ready-made templates. It is used to convert the patterns into a digital format which can be utilized for the entire duration of the work process, all the way to the marketing and webstore sales. Many subcontractors working on clothes production already like to receive the patterns in a digital format. Expenses are reduced, thanks to the reduced need of having to buy materials. Digitalization also ensures the high quality of the work and makes storing the patterns easier.

Digital patterns are easy to edit to match the models of the following season. At the same time, it is possible to create clothes with personalized body measurements. The amount of tailor-made work is constantly growing and more and more of this work is performed digitally, using the Grafis software. 

The implementation of Grafis requires training, as it is a software intended for professional use. Training is always customized based on the customer’s needs, and they also receive help from product support along the way. As newer versions are released, brief targeted training courses are organized, or the customer can utilize online courses available.

The product quality is guaranteed by long-term development

The team at Fashion Team has used Grafis for years. Grafis is a tool favored by professionals, as it is extremely versatile and convenient software. Innovative solutions always unlock new possibilities for implementing the patterns in a digital format. The user experiences and needs of the professionals serve as the basis of its continuous development.

The greatest advantages of Grafis consist of the interactivity and logic of its functions. After you have learned the basic principles of how this software works, almost anything can be achieved with it. Grafis can be used for patterning clothes and accessories and the patterns can be graded between different sizes. The software can also be used to make patterns for interior design and other products. The digital patterns facilitate both the creation of lay plans as well as cutting, thanks to which material consumption can be optimized. The patterns can be easily transferred into a 3D software, after which the clothes can be viewed in different sizes on an avatar in a realistic manner. A person’s unique body measurements can be digitalized from a photo using an additional option, and those measurements can be used in pattern making.

Grafis is very convenient even when basic clothing designs must be edited for the needs of other designs and of the upcoming season. Pattern making can be made faster by saving modules. For example, the sleeve of a piece of clothing can be its own module. The saved module can be loaded and updated until it is compatible with the patterns, and it’s not necessary to start the patterning from scratch.

Visit the Grafis website and read more about the GRAFIS CAD software, its functions, additional options and system requirements.

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