The VStitcher 3D clothing design soft­ware

Make your product development more effective and visualize your ideas in a 3D environment

Browzwear 3D VStitcher is the industry leader in 3D clothing design software. The designer can use it to edit the patterns, sizes, materials and colours of the clothes and the results can be displayed in real time on a three-dimensional avatar. The virtual creation of the product prototype models both reduces the consumption of materials and facilitates the internal collaboration of the team. The realistic and high-fidelity images produced by VStitcher can be used directly in product presentations, marketing and webstores. 

“3D VStitcher has been primarily designed to facilitate the collaboration between clothing designers and pattern makers. The patterns do not always tell the whole story, but thanks to the software, everyone is able to see the same end result. Mutual cooperation becomes easier when everyone can clearly articulate what works in a design and what sort of changes are desired”, describes the CEO of Fashion Team LT, Liisa Turtiainen.

VStitcher facilitates the entire process, ranging all the way from generating ideas to marketing and sales. The product descriptions can be implemented in a 3D environment without having to manufacture a single piece. For the users of the Grafis CAD software, a direct connection between VStitcher and the pattern making software is also available. This quickens the process of updating the edited patterns into the 3D software, which enables the instant viewing of the effect that these changes have.

“The software is suitable for businesses that are able to use it as flexibly as possible, meaning that the patterns are initially fitted virtually, the testing of the prototype models is digitalized and finally that 3D modelled images are utilized in the webstore and in marketing”, Turtiainen enunciates. 

A tool of collaboration between design, pattern making, marketing and production

Using a 3D software to design clothes generates savings in the materials and the sewing expenses of the prototype models. When patterns can be tested as often as needed and in different sizes, colours and materials, there is no need for shuffling papers around.

“Previously, the problem was that time was spent on the production of the prototype models, after which the sample models had to be produced and it was only after this that the sales work could begin. However, now that the entire process is virtual, it has become much smoother. VStitcher can be used to verify the functionality of the different parts of the plan. Is the grading OK or does the user want to implement any changes or differences to the various sizes? All the graded sizes can be converted into 3D images which can be used in the various stages of the production process and marketing”, Turtiainen reiterates. 

VStitcher includes a number of ready-made templates (so-called smart design templates) that the designer may either use or edit and use as the basis for sketching in Photoshop or other software. At any time, the product design plan can be compiled into a file that displays the materials used, along with their colour codes. This information can be utilized in the product pricing and production. 

“From VStitcher’s Help Centre you can find comprehensive guidance concerning all the functions and a great variety of instructional videos. We also offer training and support in the use of the software in Finnish and English.”, tells Turtiainen.

Here is how you can get access to VStitcher 3D 

VStitcher is the market leader in 3D clothing design software, and the major players in the industry have already used it for years. Its popularity is based on the manner the software ”assembles” all the necessary functions around the same drawing board. Projects and clothing lines can be completed and placed on the market a rapid pace.

“VStitcher allows for the rapid modernization of the production process. When the risk of misunderstandings between the designer, pattern maker, marketing and the webstore is radically reduced, many savings are generated in work stages and working hours. Fewer materials are consumed and product returns will be more infrequent. A number of functions will become more efficient”, Turtiainen says.

Contact Liisa Turtiainen and ask for her to conduct a web presentation of VStitcher. She tells you more about the different options. 

“VStitcher is an extensive software, and it can be utilized in different areas of the production process. Training makes it easier for the user to learn how to use the versatile functions of the software. Tell me about the clothes and patterns that your business produces and what you would like to do in the future and I will show how VStitcher 3D can best assist you. Or, if you are already familiar with the software, I would be glad to discuss the different possibilities concerning how the 3D software could be utilized”, Liisa Turtiainen promises 

Visit the Browzwear website and read more about the VStitcher 3D software, its functions, additional options, system requirements and about the way Grafis and VStitcher work together.

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