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Browzwear 3D VStitcher is a popular 3D clothing design software. It can be used to edit patterns, materials and colors of the clothes and the results can be displayed in real time on a three-dimensional avatar. The virtual creation of the product prototype models both reduces the consumption of materials and facilitates the internal collaboration of the team. The realistic and high-fidelity images produced by VStitcher can be used directly in product presentations, marketing, and webstores.  Bigger businesses in garment design have been using Vstitcher 3D software for years.

VStitcher facilitates the entire process, ranging all the way from generating ideas to marketing and sales. Photo shoots can be replaced with images created with 3D software, without having to manufacture a single piece of clothing. A direct connection between VStitcher and the pattern making software Grafis CAD is also available. This quickens the process of updating the edited patterns into the 3D software, which enables the instant viewing of the effect that these changes have.

VStitcher includes several ready-made templates that the designer may either use or edit as needed for the new designs. The product design plan can be compiled into a TechPack file. This file displays information that can be utilized in product pricing and manufacturing.

VStitcher’s Help Centre contains comprehensive guidance concerning all the functions and a great variety of instructional videos. It’s also possible to study VStitcher in Browzwear University online course platform. 

Visit the Browzwear website and read more about the VStitcher 3D software, its functions, additional options, system requirements and about the way Grafis and VStitcher work together.

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