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Training for GRAFIS CAD and 3D VStitcher

We plan customer specific training sessions according to your needs.

Contact training

At the customer’s residence or in the FTLT office (small groups)

Distance training

Using a Zoom or Teams connection

Online courses

Study whenever it best suits you (GRAFIS CAD)

Fashion Team LT offers implementation and upgrade training as well as advanced training in accordance with the customer’s needs. The implementation training will be arranged in conjunction with the software procurement and the upgrade training will be arranged after the publication of new software versions. As the retailer of the GRAFIS CAD and 3D VStitcher software, Fashion Team LT provides support in Finnish and English.

Depending on the situation, the training is conducted either on site with the customer or remotely via the internet. For small groups, training can also be conducted at the offices of Fashion Team LT. The use of the Grafis pattern making software can also be learned through English online courses.

Both GRAFIS CAD and 3D VStitcher are versatile software intended for professional use, and their effective implementation ensures that the benefit derived from them is maximized. The trainings are always tailored with the customers needs and abilities in mind. Fashion Team LT helps their customers in all questions regarding GRAFIS CAD and 3D VStitcher software.

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Product support for the GRAFIS CAD and 3D VStitcher software

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