Training and product support

Training and product support for the Grafis CAD and Browzwear VStitcher 3D software in Finnish and English.

Training for Grafis CAD and 3D VStitcher

Contact training

At the customer’s residence or in the FTLT office (small groups)

Distance training

Using a Zoom or Teams connection

Online courses

Study whenever it best suits you (Grafis CAD, only in Finnish)

Fashion Team LT offers implementation and upgrade training as well as advanced training in accordance with the customer’s needs. The implementation training will be arranged in conjunction with the software procurement and the upgrade training will be arranged after the publication of new software versions. As the Scandinavian retailer of the Grafis CAD and 3D VStitcher software, Fashion Team LT provides support in Finnish and English.

“Our customers come from a wide variety of different backgrounds and therefore they have varying levels of proficiency in the use of software. For some, they are familiar through work or study, while others start from scratch”, describes the CEO of Fashion Team LT, Liisa Turtiainen. 

Depending on the situation, the training is conducted either on site with the customer or remotely via the internet. For small groups, training can also be conducted at the offices of Fashion Team LT. The use of the Grafis pattern making software can also be learned through online courses. 

“We aim to conduct the implementation training of the Grafis software as early as possible, fitting it with the customer’s schedule. We gradually progress from the basics into the versatile utilization of the tools and functions. For those more familiar with the software, we offer supplementary training based on the customer’s own needs. When updates are released, we train our customers in the use of the new features and additional training is arranged whenever it is necessary. We wish to ensure that our customers can benefit from the continuous development of the software. We immediately inform our customers about the new updates and other news”, tells Turtiainen. 

Customer-oriented training based on practical experience

Both Grafis CAD and 3D VStitcher are versatile software intended for professional use. Learning their use through experimentation is a lengthy process. They are tools used by clothing designers and pattern makers and their effective implementation ensures that the benefit derived from them is maximized. Liisa Turtiainen promises that Fashion Team LT provides Finland’s best know-how in the use of these software.  

“We use these software on a daily basis, we get trained and we are becoming more proficient. We are the only Finnish actor capable of conducting such extensive training. Our customer base is very diverse: there are businesses of varying size, schools and teachers and customers working at theatre costume departments. All of them have their own, unique needs. The training is always based on the particular knowledge and skills that the customer needs in their own line of work.” 

Get help when you need it 

Fashion Team LT helps its customers with all issues related to the Grafis CAD and 3D VStitcher software.

“No matter how big or small the problem is, you can call me or contact me via email and we’ll discuss the best ways to proceed in your situation. The most important thing is our customer’s ability to facilitate their own work using these software. In this I will help in any way I can”, Liisa Turtiainen promises.

Contact Liisa Turtiainen in urgent or non-urgent matters. She will tell you how you can take control of the digital design and pattern making process of clothes and the virtual fitting of the patterns and what sort of possibilities this will unlock for you in particular. 

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